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Fort Wayne Duplicate Bridge Club


4618 E. State Blvd., Suite 101
Fort Wayne, IN  46815

The rules of sanctioned bridge and the penalties specified in the rule book have one purpose; To restore equity to the non-offending team. They are not a "punishment" for infractions, nor do they provide a "bonus" to the non-offenders. The director may, at his discretion, award an adjusted score other than the specified penalty.

Definitive rulings by the ACBL master directors may be obtained by email to  rulings@acbl. org.

You may send queries to the local directors at


Any club may impose bidding and playing rules in addition to the "General Convention Chart".

 The Swindell bridge club (Tuesday night) forbids psych bids unless both opponents are life masters.

The Fort Wayne area has excellent
   ACBL certified bridge directors.

Dick and LaVerne Petersen are
co-managers and co-directors of the
Swindell bridge club, which meets every Tuesday evening (7PM) for an open stratified game. Dick and Laverne are both Silver
Life Masters, certified ACBL directors, and certified ACBL teachers. Free lessons every Tuesday at 6:30

Gary Chaney is a Gold Life Master and Certified ACBL Director. He directs the Wednesday afternoon games and the Thursday (1PM) afternoon "Fish Game"       (pro-am)  for the Fort Wayne Bridge Club. Gary is also president of the Fort Wayne Duplicate Bridge Club.  Gary gives FREE lessons on the 1st and 3rd Thursday's at Noon before the fish game.

Don and Rose Ferguson  Don is a Gold Life Master and Rose is a Silver Life Master, ACBL Certified Directors, and ACBL Certified Teachers. They direct the Cedar Creek game on Saturday evenings. Rose also teaches bridge classes at the local IPFW campus.

Jim Kart is a Ruby Life Master and ACBL Certified Director.  He directs the Fort Wayne Duplicate Club games on Tuesday afternoon  and Saturday  afternoon.

Michael Clegg or Emory Jeffers will be directing when a substitute is needed.  Both are ACBL Certified Directors.