If you and your partner each have 300 MP’s or less, you can play FREE in the club’s Thursday 1 PM games through the end of 2021! This game was started so experienced players ("mentors") could partner with players eager to improve their game ("mentees"). Now we’re also encouraging pairs in which both partners have 0-300 MP's to come and play—for FREE!

Here’s the deal:

  • All pairs where each partner has 0-300 MP’s play FREE through December!
  • Scores will be stratified so you can win MP’s by beating other 0-300 MP pairs, or win even more if you score well against mentors playing with their mentees.
  • To the degree possible, 0-300 MP pairs will sit E/W with mentor-mentee pairs N/S
  • If you wish, when mentors are playing at your table, you can ask their advice on bidding or play to help improve your game.
  • Any 0-300 MP player who comes without a partner will be guaranteed one.

Any questions? Contact Director Bob Enyeart at 260-438-8571 or Enyeart.Bob@gmail.com.


Are you interested in becoming a FWDBC board member? Contact Bob Enyeart (260-438-8571 or Enyeart.Bob@gmail.com) by November 5, when the slate for 2022 must be announced.

Because three board members served an extra year due to COVID, there will be six board positions open (three for three years, three for two years) in the December election. Kim Grant, Kris Purcell and David Sorg will remain on the board until their terms end December 31, 2022.

The election will also be run differently this year, since some club members are not coming to play due to COVID. Ballots in the form of a confidential survey will be sent on December 6 to members who can receive email, while paper ballots with prepaid return envelopes will be sent to other members by regular mail. All players who have paid club dues ($10) for 2019 or at any time since are considered members. The election survey must be completed by December 17 and paper ballots must be returned postmarked by that date.


The FWDBC has reopened for all regular games as has Cedar Creek. In both clubs, all players must be fully immunized against COVID-19 to attend games.

  1. Every player upon his/her first return to the Bridge Center will be required to affirm that he/she has been fully immunized against COVID-19. People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose in a two-dose series, like the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, like Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.
  2. Masks and social distancing are optional, but players may want to continue with these when using the bathrooms or walking in the parking lot.
  3. Hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and sanitizing wipes will be available for any player wishing to use them.
  4. Until further notice, no food will be served. Players may bring their own snacks.
  5. Bottled water, soda, and coffee will be available for purchase.
  6. Please do not attend a game if you have been exposed to someone with COVID within the past two weeks, or if you are feeling ill yourself in any way.
  7. The board has designated Gary Chaney, Club Manager as the person you should contact immediately if you test positive for COVID. PERSONAL PRIVACY will be strictly respected.  If Gary is the only person the positive-testing player tells, then he will be the only one who knows that person's identity.  No one else on the Board or in the Club will know. It is absolutely essential that Gary hears from you as soon as possible, so that all who played in recent games you attended can be notified and be able to take the actions they deem necessary to protect themselves.Gary can be contacted by text, phone or email at:




Get your teams together to register for the Pro-Am Swiss team game at 1 PM, November 15. If you need teammates, contact Director Bob Enyeart (260-438-8571 or Enyeart.Bob@gmail.com) for help. SEE RANKING SYSTEM


LONGEST DAY 2021 RAISES $19,000+

FWDBC's June 23 Longest Day event has raised $19,163 for the Alzheimer's Association's research and free services in Indiana. This is a new record for the club and places us fifth in U.S. clubs fundraising for the Alzheimer's Association this year.  Thanks to all who gave!



On May 5, the FWDBC board elected Phil Eyermann as its new president. Prior President Kim Grant will remain on the board, but asked not to continue in the position due to family responsibilities.


Third Monday of most months 1 PM

  • Pro-Am Swiss team game

Tuesday 1 PM

  • Open/Stratified
  • Limited (0-499* MPs)/Stratified - Partners will not be guaranteed at this time

Wednesday 1 PM

  • Open/Stratified
  • Limited (0-499* MPs)/Stratified


  • 1 PM Pro-Am (mentoring)

Saturday 1 PM

  • Open/Stratified

Saturday 6 PM

  • Cedar Creek Bridge Club meets twice monthly
  • *Player cannot be a Life Master in the 0-499 game

We want our new website to meet your needs. If you have any suggestions, please send them to Judy Nelsen at judprof@ameritech.net.

Are your phone/email listed? Do you want them to be?

The FWDBC maintains several lists based on player preferences. If you would like to be added to OR removed from any of the lists below, please contact: fortwaynebridgeclub@gmail.com.

  • Those on our email list receive a monthly email of club news, including rank advancements, and occasionally are sent other timely news or announcements.
  • We maintain a directory of player telephone numbers and email addresses for players’ use only--this directory is available at the club but not published online.
  • Players’ phone numbers only are listed online, near the bottom of the Member page..