Swiss team games begin at the club on March 21, so set up your team now!

In Swiss teams, there are four players (two pairs) on a team. Every round, each team’s East-West pair plays against the other team’s North-South pair for six hands, then scores are compared.  Each new round, your team will play against a different team depending on who won or lost previous round(s). The team that wins the most rounds with the most points wins the event, but fractional masterpoints are also awarded for every round a team wins.

To be sure that all our teams include both 0-299 and higher ranked players, each FWDBC player has been assigned a rank number from 4 to 1 (see attached) and each four-person team must be composed of players whose rank numbers total no more than 9. Most teams will form themselves, but pairs needing assistance can contact Joe Kohne, Stan Davis or Penny Henshaw for help at least two days before the game.

After March, Swiss team games will be held on the third Thursday of every month except that in May, August and November, they will be on the third Monday. For more details, see attached.


The 2019 Fort Wayne sectional tournament will be on May 3, 4 and 5, with silver points for winners. At Friday’s and Saturday’s games (10 AM and 3 PM), there will be both open and 0-299 MP sections. All 0-299 players play in the morning for $10, then play free in the afternoon. Sunday’s game is a Swiss team event. Start planning your pairs and teams! Details here.



Have friends who want to learn bridge or improve their game? Please tell them about Lee Baatz’ Beginning Bridge class at the FWDBC on Mondays 1:30–3:30 PM starting February 18. This nine-session class, which includes the latest info on bidding and play and an hour each week of guided play, is offered through Purdue University FW for $121 (early bird registration by February 4) or $131 later.


Tuesday 1 PM

  • Open/Stratified
  • Limited (0-299 MPs)/Stratified - Partners guaranteed

Wednesday 1 PM

  • Open/Stratified
  • Limited (0-299 MPs)/Stratified


  • 1 PM Pro-Am (mentoring)
  • 6:30 PM Open/Handicapped - Partners guaranteed

Saturday 1 PM

  • Open/Stratified

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