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More than 170 players consider the FWDBC their bridge “home.” Most are Club members and regular players in some of our seven ACBL-sanctioned games each week–See Games/Calendars . We welcome rubber bridge players new to duplicate , and the Club offers many ways for players to Learn. Visit us anytime!

Congratulations to our New 2018 Life Masters and above!

2018 New LIFE MASTERs at Various Levels of Master Points(MPs):


GOLD LIFE MASTER (2500*): Donald Ferguson, Rose Ferguson, Mary Lou Clegg,

RUBY LIFE MASTER (1500*): Carl Minick

SILVER LIFE MASTER (1000*): Larry O’Maley, Dick Petersen

BRONZE LIFE MASTER (750): Lee Baatz, Pat Kelly

LIFE MASTER (500*): Otto Bonahoom, Sarah Colvin, Pat Kelly, Carol Watters

Mary Lou Clegg



And to these others moving up in the ranks in July and August 2018:


NABC MASTER (200*): Allen Pinkham

REGIONAL MASTER (100*): none

SECTIONAL MASTER (50*): Stan Davis

CLUB MASTER (20): Ronald Blue, Jo Holm, Roy Martin, David Dinius

JUNIOR MASTER (5): Pat Adsit, Christine Capen


[* = various levels of black, silver, red, gold, and platinum MPs are required]

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